TREBLE begeleidt Odysseus bij overname door Deloitte
04 Oct 2021
TREBLE begeleidt Odysseus bij overname door Deloitte
TREBLE begeleidt Odysseus bij overname door Deloitte

Deloitte schrijft over deze transactie:

Odysseus is a consulting firm focused on ServiceNow and Project Portfolio Management. In this strategic growth area we are becoming the market leader by doubling our team and client base. Together we create the foundation of our accelerated growth journey. We are excited to welcome the Odysseus team within Deloitte Consulting.

Deloitte is frontrunning on the innovation agenda, in terms of business transformation enabled by cloud-native technologies. We help clients transform towards a digital enterprise. ServiceNow as one of our strategic alliances plays a key role in this journey with their leading digital workflow platform.

Erik Nanninga, Consulting Leader Netherlands: “Leading digital companies are harnessing digital to delight customers, spark new business models and reinvent their operations. Together with Odysseus we are enhancing our commitment to help our clients achieve these outcomes.”

The team of Odysseus joins Deloitte and together we set the new standard for enabling ServiceNow as the platform creating the digital enterprise. Odysseus deepens our capabilities with their extensive experience in IT Business Management, Agile, DevOps and Project Portfolio Management. Together with our existing offerings on ServiceNow’s IT, Risk, Employee and Customer workflow solutions, we are better than ever positioned to deliver the full breadth of ServiceNow services to our clients.

Sander Treur, owner of Odysseus, now partner at Deloitte: “Joining Deloitte is a great move for our team. Better together with the C-suite’s favorite technology ServiceNow we make impact on the transformation agenda of our customers.”

We see a strong demand from our clients for technology enabled business transformations. The breadth and depth of industry and functional expertise combined with our cloud capabilities gives us a unique position in the market. With this acquisition we create the foundation for the accelerated growth potential in the ServiceNow consulting market, enabling us to provide best-in-class services to our clients.

Ronald Krabben, Consulting Technology Lead Netherlands: “Proud to become the market leader in ServiceNow services, one of the fastest growing platforms.”

We welcome the Odysseus team in our Consulting practice. With complementary skills we create a unique set of capabilities. Combined teams of Odysseus and Deloitte are excited to start conversations with our clients on the possibilities this will bring.

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