Acquisitions, investments, mergers and joint ventures. We love the game. The dynamics of transactions. Achieving goals together. Winning without letting the other party lose. Not making things more difficult than they are. Because we know what we're talking about.

Each year TREBLE is involved in dozens of M&A deals in the mid-market segment. We act for purchasers, investors and sellers. For both financial and strategic parties as well as investing managers. We advise start-ups, scale-ups and well established names. Whether they see an unique opportunity to acquire a competitor or supplier or whether they are pursuing an active buy-and-build strategy. And of course we assist the entrepreneur believing it is time for a (pre)exit.

Whatever your transaction, we have experience with similar transactions. And we will keep asking questions until we understand exactly what drives you. But we also understand how others are playing the game and will respond accordingly. We know what is market and what is not.

TREBLE assists with all legal aspects of the transaction. From the preparations (sale preps, drafting non-disclosure agreements, screening of information memorandum and process letter), documenting intentions of parties, due diligence investigation, to drafting, reviewing and negotiating of the transaction documents. And if unexpected claims arise or if a cooperation fails, we also know what to do.

If wanted and suitable, TREBLE is one of the few who acts as a neutral advisor "in the middle". This makes it easier to get all parties on the same page.

A unique combination

Due to the unique combination of M&A and Competition, we know the competition law challenges of transactions, better than anyone else. Challenges that parties do not always see, but which we are aware of.
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