We have a weak spot for those who want to break open the market. Who challenges the established player. The new kid, the underdog, the go-getter. But also for the one who is caught off guard by the Dutch competition authority (ACM). Because sometimes limitations only become clear when they are sought. And then an appropriate response to action by the ACM is needed.

TREBLE advises and litigates on competition law, distribution, economic regulation and consumer law. At and against the ACM. And where necessary against other parties. Because the ACM has imposed a fine or an order under penalty. Because no action is taken while it should be. Or because a party competes unfairly. TREBLE knows the rules, knows the way.


The rules of competition ensure a level playing field. Violation of the rules is punished harshly. An opportunity for some is a risk for others.

TREBLE assists with cartel investigations, litigates to challenge ACM penalty decisions and publications, advises and litigates on abuse of dominant position and cartels, challenges market analysis decisions and notifies mergers and acquisitions to the ACM.

Short lines, quick actions but also thorough research. Looking at what is possible. Not only when the ACM acts but also in the drafting of agreements.


Is a ban on a distributor selling online valid? What are the criteria for a selective distribution system? Can the distribution contract be terminated? TREBLE provides answers to these questions. Advices on establishing distribution networks, the drafting of distribution contracts and litigates termination cases. 

Market regulation

TREBLE has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications regulation. Litigation before the ACM, advising and litigating on interconnection, access to networks of the established names, on WFA, WLR, SMP, laying and relocation of cables, obligations to tolerate, porting fees, free choice of modem and so on.

TREBLE unites forces. For example, TREBLE has worked with modem manufacturers to ensure free modem choice in the Netherlands. And with a group of telecom providers, TREBLE has been fighting for fair competition for many years. With success. Strong together. Not only towards the regulator and the courts, but also towards politicians. Challengers in other sectors also know where to find TREBLE. With the same approach: a fair market. If possible by talking or lobbying. And if that doesn't work: see you in court....

Consumer protection

The law is not always black and white. An attractive promotion can be an unauthorized bait. Smart pricing not clear enough for consumers. Tempting then becomes misleading. The ACM takes tough action against unfair trading practices. To protect consumers. In doing so, the ACM can go far: public warnings, penalties, informal interventions. Sometimes justified, sometimes not. TREBLE helps you to make choices. Is what you are doing allowed? And isn't the ACM going too far? Should you bend or not?

A unique combination

Due to the unique combination of M&A and Competition, we know the competition law challenges of transactions, better than anyone else. Challenges that parties do not always see, but which we are aware of.
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