Your company enters into commercial agreements with customers, suppliers, distributors and other market participants. Some of these agreements are probably bread and butter for you. But others deserve customization and may even be so crucial that they keep you awake at night. TREBLE likes to come into the picture when it comes to these commercial contracts. We take a critical look at the arrangements you make and then ensure that your agreements are properly recorded. And if, unexpectedly, you do get a discussion that you cannot resolve yourself, we will work together to find a solution. If necessary in court.


A good contract creates clarity and tries to divide the risks between the parties in a fair way. With this as a starting point, we lay down commercial agreements for you and ensure an easy to read and purposeful contract. And if you are presented with a draft contract, we provide a quick and practical assessment with an eye for the underlying commercial relationships and the strategy of your company.


Negotiating contracts is our business. We are happy to discuss with you what role we play in this. Do we stay out of the picture? Do we negotiate directly with the lawyers of your contracting party? Or are we the “good cop” or “bad cop” next to you in the negotiations?


Most contracts are fulfilled without any problems. And so it should be. But every now and then a difference in understanding arises. About what exactly is and isn’t allowed or required by the contract. Because your contracting party is not doing what has been agreed. Or about whether the contract has been legally terminated. And if damage has been suffered, who should compensate for that damage? If these discussions can not be resolved commercially, we will assist you to safeguard your rights. By a settlement or by going to court.